In the United States, adoption looks different across the country. Each state has its own laws along with national requirements as well. Adoptions vary from closed to fully open with many different variations in between.

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Whether you are a member of the birth family, the prospective adoptive parents, or someone looking at adoption from within the family, you can find access to the information you need by scrolling down to find the appropriate education for your self.

Types of Adoptions

Whether you are a birth mother or prospective adoptive family, this section will provide you with information about closed, open, and semi-open adoptions. You can learn about the benefits of each type of adoption as well as the potential disadvantages of each. Learn More

Birth Families

This section of the site is primarily intended for members of the birth family. If you are a birth mom, birth father, or other members of the birth family, you are invited to visit this section to find the adoption insights that are specifically for you. Learn More

Prospective Adoptive Parents

If you are here to begin your journey on growing your family through adoption, you will want to explore this section of the site. The education here is intended to equip you to make educated decisions about what adoption looks like for you and your family. Learn More

Relative Adoptions

One of the most common adoption types occurring within the United States is relative adoption. A family member may adopt a child in an unplanned pregnancy or it may be a step-parent adopting the child of the other parent. You are invited to discover things to consider here. Learn More